By on 8. June 2016

Everyday we meet new people who make our job even more rewarding, who make our 15 hours shifts seem like 3 hours, who give us strenght through their stories and joy through their actions.

Today we would like you to meet our dearest volunteer Aladin, who tiredless supports us in our efforts to make the camp a better place to live in, a man whose optimism is contagious.

Aladin, 33 years old,  comes from Latakia Jableh, a beautiful syrian city by the Mediterranean, where together with his wife lead a peaceful life as a physiotherapist. The happy couple were expecting their first child, when armed forces broke into their house, killed her and changed everything for him. He now lives in Moria Camp, Lesbos, Greece and dedicates his time to others. Once working as a healer, now making sure that people stay in line for food, cleaning and serving meals to everyone in need with an open heart.