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Moria on fier …

By on 20. September 2016

Yesterday night in the refugee camp Moria from Lesbos Greece the refugees have take over the control and some of them thy fired up all the camp. In couple of hours everything was burned out so the refugees they have to sleep on the ground.

After the chaos our volunteers go into the field to distribute food for the refugees and one group of 50 people attack our car and broke the windshield. Here you have some fotos from last night.

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By on 29. July 2016

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Time to make a difference

By on 28. June 2016

Right now Remar SOS is in Moria (Lesbos), in Malakasa (Athenas) and in Presevo (Serbien). We want to invite you and your friends to an experience that you will never forget. If you want to be a part of the solution you can come a least one week in the refugees camps and help. We promise a experience that you and your friends will not forget. If you are interest you have to send your CV at toughener with the date that you can come. Fore more information please contact us at

Also we urgent need :

macaroni spaghetti, chickpeas, beans, sugar, tee, salt, coffe, oil, vegetable cans, plastic pots, plastic glass, plastic spoons


We are so grateful for all your help and your support. Please keep sharing. Remar SOS Team


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The second industrial kitchen leaves Romania

By on 1. June 2016

The second industrial kitchen is ready to help thousands of refugees in Greece or wherever necessary. It left yesterday from Romania. Remar Romania, Remar SOS and the foundation ” Mensajeros de la Paz ” would like to thank everyone for their support, knowing that without you non of this would be possible. Please see provided fotos below.

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Volunteers are needed

By on 27. May 2016

Volunteers are needed to hand out about 10,500 meals a day !

Remar S.O.S. is in need of volunteers to help in a Refugee Aid Project in Lesbos from June 1st through June 15th, 2016.
We are looking for volunteers who can come to Lesbos for a minimum of 7 days. Your work will consist of handing out food, cleaning, and food preping. Expenses involved are: airfare round trip and housing cost. Please be prepared to work long hours.
We guarantee you a life changing experience!
If you would like to join us, please contact us at



Port of Piraeus

By on 23. May 2016

In the port of Pireaus days become longer for the refugees.
Remar wants to give them the best, so they can learn and have fun during the day. Some doesn’t know how to read or to write, because they never went to school or they didn’t had the change to go in the last years.

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Website in construction !

By on 28. January 2016