Greece shuts down Piraeus Port for Refugees


By on 24. May 2016


The two weeks which the refugees were given to clear Port Piraeus and move to the camps have passed, so local authorities have started to evacuate.

We can see the fear and the dissapointment in their faces as borders continue to stay closed, the reality of being deported back to Turkey comes everyday closer and the freedom of choice becomes a thing of the past.

“We`ve lost our children`s future in this war. I am sad for the life that they will have as grown men, and i am sad for their childhoods..”

Remas SOS stayed till the end, and our thoughts and prayers will join the people who we`ve come to know and love in these past few months working here. We will continue to offer relief in different camps in Greece, as there is no end in sight for the humanitarian crisis we are living in.

Join us! Donate your time, advocate and raise awareness !



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